What it’s like to adventure around Australia

‘sat back with the window down, 80 an hour and the radio loud’

Oh Wonder’s lyrics internally narrate every time I set off on a road trip around Australia…this country is so vast and there’s no better way to realise that than hitting it’s expansive roads.

As an Irish traveller, I’m eager to experience as much of the land down under as possible before my visa runs out; often I’m told I’ve seen more of Australia than the locals.

I’m grateful to be travelling in a country of such contrast. Beachy Byron Bay, the Great Ocean Road, South Australia’s wine country, the hinterlands of the Gold Coast, Rainforest in tropical north Queensland…there is something unique and unforgettable about every place I’ve visited.

Road tripping means mates, music and madness! No matter where I’m going or who I’m with, it’s the same drill. Our escapades always start off feeling fresh and well fuelled, but by day three we’ve gone from vogue to rogue and past the point of caring.

The vessel of our adventure gets stuffed to the gills with lots of unnecessary things never to be used. Promises to remember only the essentials for next time: disposable camera, wine, snacks, pillows and an aux chord (for when you surpass the radio’s parameters). No tent? No problem! Fold down seats, hang makeshift curtains from cracked open car windows and we’re all sorted for a mediocre night’s sleep. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Every adventure has been hugely entertaining and memorable, fuelled by spontaneity, youthful enthusiasm and curiosity; sleeping in a stranger’s loft, drinking wine on the esplanade of some random outback town, waterfalls, skinny dipping, being reluctantly woken with gentle encouragement to go and chase the sunrise, passionate discussions, senseless laughter, crashing into a ditch somewhere on the Great Eastern Highway and waving an innocent UTE over to drag us out…these moments pull me down to earth and act as a reminder that achieving my materialistic goals won’t ever fulfil me quite this much.

Since settling in this incredible but hectic concrete jungle that is Sydney, I’ve enjoyed packing up the car every now and again and heading off up the coast, to a national park or into the Blue Mountains. A break from the big smoke does wonders for the head and the heart – I encourage all of you city dwellers to give it a go.

You don’t need to travel far or spend much money to satisfy your inner travel bug. Incorporate small every day adventures and you have the power to enrich your own life. No matter who you are or where you live, there is always something special waiting to be discovered on the horizon. Half the fun is in the journey.

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