#Freespiritfebruary update

Sadhbh’s recent post with the challenge for this month, might have reminded you about #freespirifebruary, and got you wondering, “What on earth happened to that and those weekly updates!?!” I didn’t forget, I promise, but decided that it would be better to do a monthly overview, rather than boring you all week to week.
Being spontaneous was even more challenging than I had anticipated,and I had expected it to be difficult. The month started off well, and I was conscious to try and do something every day, but as the weeks past, sometimes, I slipped back into my comfort zone. Overall, however, I am happy with how the month went, I challenged myself more than I would have usually, and relaxed somewhat. Rather than recap the whole month, I thought I’d offer you some of my highlights:

1. I got my ears pierced: Baby that I am, I am terrified of needles and avoid them at all costs (let’s just forget about all the injections involved for travelling to Asia for the moment, shall we?). I’m delighted I did this though, I can’t wait to wear hoops and funky earrings and experiment. I don’t regret it one tiny bit.

2. I took part in a protest against Trump’s immigration ban: This was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. It was a horrible day, windy, lashing rain and freezing- a day on which I normally would have stayed inside, huddled by my radiator. I worried I would get cold, wet and sick, and was scared I would get hurt or my purse or phone would get stolen (Yes, Siúbhan, at a peaceful protest you were going to be beat up-Logical). Of course, none of the above happened. I was so exhilarated (and well wrapped up), that I didn’t notice how cold I was until the protest had ended and I realised I could barely not feel my hands. The whole experience was terrifically liberating, and exhilarating-standing up for what I believe in, alongside others from all around the country, shouting at the top our voices.

3. I finally tried a vegetable dumpling: WILD. I know! Seriously though, this was quite spontaneous for me. I always, always, always order sushi when I eat Japanese. I’d wanted to try dumplings for a while but was scared I wouldn’t like them and for some odd reason, didn’t want to ‘waste my lunch’,have something I didn’t like, and miss out on avocado sushi (let’s face it: it is the bomb 😉 ). Avocado sushi is still my favourite, but vegetable dumplings are definitely delicious, and again, I don’t regret branching out one bit.

4. I signed up for a photography trip: I was at my little brother’s concert when I received the email, and in an instant, I decided to go for it. Normally such a decision would take a lot of deliberation on my part, for one thing- I work on a Saturday. The funny thing is, I thought it was to take place that coming Saturday and was very annoyed when I heard nothing more, but now, weeks later, I received an email informing me that I had gotten a place on the trip for a few weeks time. I had been so excited in my spontaneity that I had failed to read the email correctly!

5. I skipped a lecture and stayed hanging out with friends (Ash, Amy and Charlotte): Undoubtedly the best decision I made because the few days I spent with these girls were some of the best I’ve had all year. I’m a total abnormality and never miss a lecture, doing so makes me awfully anxious: I worry I’ll miss vital information or exam tips and it will have a detrimental effect on my grade. No matter how much fun I am having, I will put it on hold to go to a class. (NERD) Still, I reason, even if I stay with my friends, or doing whatever I am doing, I will not be able to properly enjoy it or concentrate later because I will be imagining all that I have missed. Ignoring these fears and staying with my friends may seem like the smallest challenge (of the very minute ones I have outlined) , but for me it was the most difficult. Breaking the habit of 15 long years faithfully attending classes, even when sick, is difficult to break and dealing with my guilt and anxiety afterward is something I just normally could not bear to do. Yet, these girls made it easier than it ever would have been, and like every other ‘spontaneous’ feat I accomplished, I did not regret it.

This isn’t everything I did, most days I did something small where and when I could, but these are some of the highlights of the month for me. Many, if not all, of these acts of ‘spontaneity’ may seem like every day life to some of you, but for me, these things were a big deal. My days, in order to avert anxiety, adhere to a strict plan and I never do anything that was unanticipated days in advance. This month helped me to break this habit and confront some of my irrational fears, I hope that some of you might have gotten something out of it too. If you did anything at all, big or small, do comment below, I’d love to know. 🙂

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