Learning to Laugh at Yourself

Learning to laugh at myself has probably been one of the best practices I have introduced into my life.


With learning to laugh at yourself, comes an acceptance of one’s imperfections. Sometimes, not only an acceptance,  but an enjoyment of them. In fact, in this new light, one that is not too serious, too harsh, your imperfections might just become perfections.  They are what make you, you. Funny. Different. Unique.

Learning to laugh at yourself can bring to you, freedom. Failing, falling, does now not have to (always) bring a dark cloud with it, but rather, an eruption of light, of laughter.


I have a double chin in this photo? “You’re so fat, so ugly, you need to lose weight.”/ Bubble, stitches of laughter.

I fall over: I glance around, face red, praying nobody has witnessed the awfully embarrassing moment. Shrinking into myself. Heat rising, along with violent self-loathing/ I erupt into laughter, cannot even stand up. My friends laugh WITH me. Two options: One sees me shrinking into, isolating myself in a bubble of self-hatred, another has me, in years to come, still laughing with my friends about the time I fell on the ground in front of everybody in the coffee shop and spilled an iced latte all over my white tee and onto the crotch of my jeans, leaving an incriminating brown patch.

Learning to laugh at yourself, can present memories, moments of happiness for years to come. Taking myself too seriously for so many years, brought the burden of self-loathing, an urgent desire to forget. Cast a magic spell and I would have erased all photos of my double chin, all awkward smiles, any remembrance of me as less than perfect. Now, weirdly, I sort of cherish them.

Now I’m not saying, you can, or should, laugh at everything that goes wrong in your life.  Sometimes things do go wrong, that its impossible to see the bright side of. Sometimes we need to cry.  But we never need to hate ourselves. We never ought to. Nobody is perfect: learning to laugh at yourself is an important part of learning, and accepting, this crucial fact of life


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