May/June Favourites – books, vegan food, lessons learnt etc

Extra long list of my favourite old and new discoveries the past two months. Enjoy, and let me know if you end up loving any new gems of mine. x


Porridge – peeling myself out of my warm bed and heading out into the big bad cold world is that bit easier with a tummy full of warm porridge. If you also need a belly hug in the mornings, give my recipe for apple, pear & coconut spiced porridge a go.

Pancakes – my go to weekend brekkie or what I’ll order when brunching out (if there’s vegan ones available ofc!) Definitely add these seasonal grilled fruit pancakes to your recipe repertoire.

Tofu BLT – had a tiny bit of leftover tofu from a local cafe brunch and I stuck it in a sandwich the next day with lettuce, tomato & avo. Will be doing this every time I make a little too much for dinner.

Minimalist Baker’s cashew parmesan – Put it on your pasta, put it on your burritos, put it on your goddam pot plants. It works with anything. Enough said.

Organic food – shocker !!! I’ve been eating fully organic the past few weeks. There’s an in depth + objective post about pros, cons and costs in the works…

Perth food – Manna, Flora and Fauna, The Raw Kitchen, farmers markets…this is a really under-rated foodie destination! Skim through our full Perth travel guide here. 

Manna Wholefoods

Sydney food – Soul Burger does the best hangover food in Sydney, I’ve tried 4 of their burgers now and never fail to fall in love. I can also confirm their milkshakes and kumara fries are delectable

Canberra food – if you ever find yourself in the capital, make a dash for Sweet Bones Bakery and order the best damn vegan hotcakes you will ever eat!


The Casual Vacancy – J.K. Rowling

The Getting of Wisdom – H.H. Richardson

Why Nations Fail – D. Aecmoglu & J.A. Robinson

Tuesdays with Morrie – M. Albom

Poetry – I often forget to include poetry in my daily life but have several times this month exchanged my favourite poems with friends or tagged them in poetry on Instagram, a practice I wish to continue.


There’s SO MUCH good music out the past couple of months, I also threw in some old school bangers for good measure. I have very disorderly music taste as you can probably gather from the below list. I can’t help what my ears like.

Drew Barrymore – SZA

Love Galore – SZA

Babylon (ft. Kendrick Lamar) – SZA

Cosmo’s midnight – History

That Boy – San Cisco

In Cold Blood – Alt-J

Space – Dizzie Rascal

Stay High – Tove Lo

Taxi Cab – Vampire Weekend

Now or Never – Halsey

Erase Me – Kid Kudi

Day ’n’ Nite – Kid Kudi

Dig down – Muse

Bellyache – Billie Eilish

Malibu – Miley Cyrus

Ti Amo – Phoenix

Stardust – Asgeir

Arty Boy – Flight Facilities

Crave You – Flight Facilities

Polymorphing – Chairlift

aaaall the 80s hits

my friend’s road trip playlist – search Amy Tuohy on spotify and you shall find 🙂

The Coronas’ new Album

Podcasts – I’m growing very fond of podcasts lately, my favourite way to unwind is to stick one on and paint or sketch. The Awkward, the Weird and the Rad, Insane in the Montaigne, One part Podcast and Triple J’s Hack Podcast are my favourite subscriptions.


My lack of reading over the past few months has been replaced by watching films in the evening. I’ve also been to the cinema a few times and reminded myself how much I love the experience of sitting in a dark room with no cell reception and really focusing solely on the movie.

LOL – re-watched my favourite French rom-com which was just as endearing and nostalgic as I remembered, plus the soundtrack is excellent.

Le Diner de Cons – another French comedy which I guarantee you will find funny if you have enough french to buy a baguette.

20th Century Woman – saw this gem early one morning at the movie theatre a few weeks ago – the 70s set, costumes and culture references are reason alone to watch this beautiful coming of age storyline unfold.

Showing kids Classic 90s and 00s movies from my childhood – The Parent Trap, Lizzie McGuire, Spy Kids, Freaky Friday, Matilda, Monster’s Inc…you get those nostalgic feels and don’t have to sit through something as unbearable as Despicable Me.

School Life – Ellen and I went to see this beautiful Irish documentary about a boarding school in Co. Meath which was screening as part of the Sydney film festival. We laughed the whole way through and were totally in awe of how it was made so candidly raw and real.










Spontaneity – a cure for when you’re stuck in a rut is to go and do something random/a little crazy, to challenge your own internal rigidity and remind yourself to live a little. In June I did something I’ve always fantasised about but never been in a position to do – I booked a flight to Perth and was at the airport in less than an hour…needless to say we don’t all have the same privileges I currently have, but there are small ways we can incorporate spontaneity into our lives – give Siubhans post a read for some ideas!

Valuing yourself over guys – a close friend was going through a situation with a boy and I sent her some long messages about views and values I recently developed. I shared the texts on my instagram story because I know it’s a message many of my young female followers can relate to…the bottom line being to stop seeking validation and fulfillment from someone else and that you are enough on your own. I had a positive response about the texts I shared so it may be something I do again in the future.

Taking care of your mental health – you don’t need to have a mental illness to take care of your mental health (the same way as you don’t need to have a physical illness to do things which improve your physical strength and wellness.) Despite the stigma, I strongly urge you not to be ashamed to call in sick for work and have a duvet day. It’ll serve to make you emotionally stronger and more productive in the long run.


Rupi Kaur – I went to a talk of Rupi’s as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival and can confirm that she’s just as magical in person as she is online. I encourage you to go see your favourite poets and writers in person if you get the chance, it’s interesting to put a face, personality and voice to what you are reading.

Vivid – my second Vivid Sydney meaning I’ve been living in this city for over a year now. I actually didn’t go to see it specifically this year though I caught glimpses of the magic from the corner of my eye several times while driving over the Harbour Bridge.

Yoga – if you follow my instagram stories you’ll know I’ve been practicing yoga consistently lately. I kind of love/hate that I’m becoming that typical ‘vegan girl’ lately with my organic food and yoga but at the same time my mind, body and soul are luuuuving it.

Starting a private Instagram – I created a private instagram just for myself this month (ended up letting a few close friends following my art and antics). It’s liberating to have an online space I feel 100% comfortable posting ANYTHING on, would definitely recommend.


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