September Favourites

Hey folks! It’s been a while since I posted my monthly favourites. Travelling, moving continents, and spending time with friends I hadn’t seen in 18 months doesn’t go hand in hand with blog writing it seems! But I’m more settled now at home in Dublin and trying my best to keep the posts consistent. I’m also working on something which I’ll hopefully be able to write about fully in next month’s faves. Watch this space….

Eat & drink

Tang Food – a serious contender for Dublin’s best brunch and lunch spot, this cafe (pictured above) serves up fresh and tasty middle eastern inspired food, plus great coffee and vegan treats.

Firehouse Pizza – I’ve ordered this every weekend this month. Their vegan pizzas are INSANE. I need to try something new in October before the delivery guy starts to remember me. Hit me up with your fave hangover cures in Dublin!

Spaghetti Alla Norma – my take on a simple traditional aubergine pasta dish. Give this recipe a go some evening this month. 🙂

Filter coffee – Every morning my parents will make a big pot of filter coffee for the house which keeps hot in the pot for hours. It’s been saving me a couple of euro every day which all adds up.

Blackberries – i’m all about eating seasonally because it’s cheaper, more eco friendly and tastes better too. This month blackberries have been popping up along the hedges and I’ve been incorporating them into muffins, crumble, berry coulis, cake icing (as below) and even in my water with fresh lime and mint from my garden. They’re fun + free to pick and very versatile.

Baking – I’ve spent this entire month developing recipes for vegan baked goodies, with a fair amount of taste testing thrown in there too. Exciting things are happening, all will be revealed soon.


Homemade Dynamite remix – Lorde ft. Khalid, Post Malone & SZA

Childs Play – SZA ft. Chance the Rapper

Keeping Your Head Up – Birdy

Ivy – Frank Ocean

Chanel – Frank Ocean

When We’re High – LP

Coming Over – James Hersey (Filious Remix)

I Feel Alright – Bonzai (Mura Masa Remix)

XO – Eden

When Ur Sober -Taya ft. Yang Bane

Look At Where We Are – Hot Chip

Feels – Calvin Harris

Not Above Love – AlunaGeorge

Together – AlunaGeorge, KAYTRANADA

Fuck With Myself – Banks

Crowded Places – Banks


Bakerboy caps: There’s something about hats that finish an outfit for me. It adds something more daring to an otherwise simple outfit, or is just practical in it’s ability to shield the sun or warm your ears. I bought a bakerboy cap from the little hat shop in George’s Arcade and it’s my new favourite accessory.

Plaid stretchy pants: That look dressy and feel like loungewear. It’s a win-win.

Vegan Leather Backpack: Yep, they’re a thing. I always have the dilemma of not wanting to buy leather vs not wanting to buy cheap, unsustainable, but non-leather crap from the likes of Penney’s. I picked up this gem on sale from the brand Matt and Natt. It’s ethical, sustainable, amazing quality and is roomy enough to fit everything I need (laptop, lunch, jumper…) without looking bulky.

Reformation: I recently discovered this sustainable fashion brand through instagram. Their stuff is pricy, but I guess that’s what you pay to avoid fast fashion. I’ll definitely be investing in some timeless pieces from them the next time I need new clothes.


Old Julia Roberts films – she is an absolute QUEEN. I’m obsessed. Mystic Pizza and My Best Friend’s Wedding (both on Netflix) are my top picks.

Jack Whitehall stand up comedy – best enjoyed hungover with a side of pizza 🙂

Current affairs programs – late at night when you’re too wired to sleep. You learn something new, and after a while theres something about Irish politicians fighting that makes you want to turn off the TV and get some rest….

Minimalist documentary – explores capitalism, fast fashion and consumerism through the story of two inspiring guys who had the ‘American Dream’ and gave it all up in search of genuine happiness. Sounds cheesy, but I challenge you to watch this and not self-reflect on your spending habits, what you want and why you want it.


Sadhbh’s fivesI’ve been loving this series on my friend Sadhbh’s (pronouned like five but with an S for all non-Irish readers!) blog. She writes about the environment, travel and politics as well as sharing amazing plant-based recipes.

Lady Chatterly’s Lover – D.H. Lawrence: this classic novel tells the story of an upper class Lady who has an affair with the Groundskeeper of her estate. Written in the 1920’s, the use of obscene language and description of sex was ahead of its time, so much so that Penguin were put on trial when they first published it in 1960. The gripping storyline, complex characters and exploration of the class system in England make it a must read.

The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath: A semi-autobiographical story of a young woman coming of age and spiralling into depression in a patriarchal 1960’s America. Although dark and completely different to how I imagined Plath’s only novel, I couldn’t put this down.

National Geographic: Subscribing to this on my phone’s news app has been useful for keeping up to date with international issues (like Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis !!!), which are often overshadowed by hyperbolic Trump headlines in the media.


@sophgordon – I’ve been obsessing over this girl’s food gram. Her use of fruit and veggies in a creative way seems endless, she’s doing things and going places with her food brand (which is very inspiring to me) aaaand she makes me lol too!

@simonecolbey – Sim posts daily yoga stories, beautiful photography and lives + breaths positive energy. It’s infectious. – I search for the meaning of life in my friend Amy’s blog every few days. She reposts beautiful photos, thoughts + quotes, obscure music interlaced with Harry Potter paraphernalia. It’s dreamy.

That’s all folks! Feel free to leave a comment with your September Favourites here or on my instgram @ohhappyveggie. 🙂 



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